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Amaury Vergara has found a new coach for Chivas

Matías Almeyda is one of the strongest candidates.

El Rebaño parted ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño.
El Rebaño parted ways with Marcelo Michel Leaño.

Even before Clausura 2022 started, Chivas followers were asking for a new coach, as the few games that Marcelo Michel Leaño had on El Rebaño’s dugout as interim coach, after they decided to part ways with Victor Manuel Vucetich, were enough for them to realize that Chivas wouldn’t contend for Liga MX.

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But Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez decided to ratify Michel Leaño as Chivas coach for Clausura 2022, as Vergara promised him that he’d have at least one full season as El Rebaño coach and then, depending on his results, they will consider an extension.

But after 13 rounds where Chivas were able to win just three games, situation that got them out of the Repechaje spots, Vergara realized that El Rebaño were never going to transcend if Michel Leaño remained as their coach.

That’s why he decided to part ways with him and give Ricardo Cadena the chance to prove himself as interim coach while they found a new coach for Apertura 2022, and after Matías Almeyda resigned from his job at San José Earthquakes, everything pointed towards a reunion.

Chivas have their new coach

Almeyda coached El Rebaño Sagrado for three years, where they won five titles, including a Liga MX in 2017 and a CONCACAF Champions League in 2018, the last title they won before the Argentine coach left Chivas due to disagreements with the ownership.

Since then, Vergara closed the doors to Almeyda, and even if he was the last successful coach with Chivas, his return won’t happen. But that doesn’t stop Amaury Vergara, who has found in Ricardo Cadena the perfect coach for Chivas.

According to the report of Peloteros PQ, given the economic struggles that Chivas are going through, added to the good performances that Chivas have had in the past two games, Amaury Vergara knows that keeping Cadena as their coach at least for Apertura 2022 is the best option.

What would it take for Cadena to remain as coach?

It’s no lie to say that in two games, Ricardo Cadena has found a way to make Chivas play way better than what they were used to with Michel Leaño, which is why the only request that Vergara has to keep him as coach of the first team is for Chivas to be a protagonist team in Liguilla.

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