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The Chivas player that is better than Ángel Zaldívar but Ricardo Peláez erased him

Zaldívar haven’t contribute for Clausura 2022.

Chivas need a striker.
Chivas need a striker.

Chivas were able to comeback and win against Xolos de Tijuana after starting the game with an own goal scored by Hiram Mier on a corner kick at 11’, thanks to the goals scored by Jesús “Canelo” Angulo at 37’ and Pavel Pérez at 50’.

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The players that Matías Almeyda wants back in Chivas to become their next coach

With the back-to-back victories that El Rebaño Sagrado achieved since Ricardo Cadena took over the team to replace Marcelo Michel Leaño, Chivas have climbed on the standings and are just one point away from ensuring at least participating in Repechaje.

In just two games that Cadena has been coaching Chivas, El Rebaño have changed completely from the performances they showed when Marcelo Michel Leaño, as they now look more organized and connected through the pitch.

But what Cadena has managed to do is build a lineup with both experienced and young players that complement each other perfectly, like Pavel Pérez showed on Tuesday night, although he still needs to find a striker that can score consistently.

Peláez has blocked the promotion of a Tapatío player

When José Juan Macías returned to Chivas, he was called to be the starting forward for El Rebaño Sagrado, but after getting injured on the game against Santos Laguna, Macías hasn’t been able to play a single minute, and according to reports he’ll miss at least another game.

That leaves Chivas with Ángel Zaldívar as their only forward, but in the nine games he’s played, Zaldívar has scored only two goals, less than what “Canelo” Angulo has done. Cadena knows that Paolo Yrízar, who joined Tapatío for the current season, could be the forward that Chivas is missing.

But even if Yrízar is registered as a Chivas player, his addition to the roster was under the table, as Peláez decided to not announce him, and when he was confronted about it, he said that he arrived at Chivas to play exclusively with the reserves team, which is why Paolo hasn’t been taken into consideration for the first team.

Paolo Yrízar’s numbers in Tapatío

The 24-year-old forward arrived at Chivas out of Dorados de Sinaola, from Mexico’s second flight, for Clausura 2022 just a few days before the registration closed. Yrízar has played 12 games with CD Tapatío, where he’s scored four goals and assisted once.

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