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Amaury Vergara is negotiating with a coach that will have foreigner players in Chivas

El Rebaño is still looking for a coach.

By Jose Castro

El Rebaño is still looking for a coach.
El Rebaño is still looking for a coach.
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Even if Ricardo Cadena has showed that he has what it takes to help Chivas leave the results crisis they were in during the first 13 rounds of Clausura 2022, Amaury Vergara knows that they need to establish a new structure to become a successful team once again.

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The current roster could be strengthened with the players from the U-20 and the reserves team, something that Cadena has already started doing and that Marcelo Michel Leaño refused to do, as he only debuted Sebastián Pérez Bouquet.

But both Cadena and Michel Leaño knew that there’s some positions that will only improve by acquiring players instead of promoting them, something that Amaury Vergara tried to do in 2020 when he spent over $50 million, although the players that arrived at Chivas that season weren’t what El Rebaño needs.

Now that Vergara finally understood that there needs to be a balance between experience and young players to have a successful team, he’s looking for a coach that knows how to work with a structure that is limited, like the one that Chivas currently have.


His top prospect wants to break one of Chivas’ identifiers

Chivas is the only team in Liga MX that only plays with Mexican players, something that has become a challenge in recent years as the value of the Mexicans is increased when the buyer is El Rebaño Sagrado, especially from Liga MX teams.

Andrés Lillini knows how to work with a limited roster and still make them successful, as he’s proven with Pumas, and given that he’s on his last months of contract, Chivas and Vergara are negotiating his arrival at El Rebaño Sagrado.

Lillini knows that it will be a good challenge for his career, although he has proposed Amaury Vergara a new approach to the rule, as he wants to sign Mexican American players, something that will increase the competition but at the same time will decrease the costs that Chivas have to pay for the players.


Will Amaury Vergara accept?

According to the soccer program Reacción en Cadena, Lillini’s proposal is to establish a scouting system in the United States, where they can attract young talent. Even if the rule says that Chivas only plays with Mexican players, Vergara knows that the players that could join Chivas from the United States are still Mexican thanks to their heritage, which opens the door for a new unexplored market.

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