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Who earns more: Javier Hernández or a UFC fighter?

By Alexis Almosnino

Who earns more: Javier Hernández or a UFC fighter?

Javier Hernández's salary at LA Galaxy is really very good, when compared to the rest of the footballers who compete in Major League Soccer. Now, what if we look at it against a UFC fighter?

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After shining at Bayer Leverkusen and trying his luck in teams like West Ham, Real Madrid or Sevilla, where he lasted only six months in La Liga, Javier Hernández decided to continue his career at Los Angeles Galaxy, a team that paid a fixed € 9 million for his signing, exactly one year ago.

Although the amount of his transfer was not too high, the truth is that Chicharito's salary skyrocketed. The historical scorer of the Mexican National Team went from receiving about 3 million euros a year in Spain, that is, 250 thousand per month, to 6 million free dollars a year in Major League Soccer.

Those 6 million dollars a year say a lot in itself, but when you break it down, that's when you really end up understanding the fortune you take. Consequently, the footballer earns 500,000 per month, that is, 114,754 per week, or about 16,393 per day. 

The world of sports has us accustomed to exorbitant figures, at least for the common people. Boxing, or martial arts, are not the exception either. In the case of the UFC, the system works in a very similar way to what happens in the rest of the disciplines: there is no fixed salary, but rather it is agreed according to hierarchies. A rookie boxer can receive between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 simply for entering the octagon.

Now, if it were a more experienced athlete, who could dispute, for example, the preliminary fights to the stellar of the night, we are talking about figures that do not lower than 50,000 per fight. However, these amounts that seem to be very high, are totally overshadowed when we talk about top international boxers like Conor McGregor. 

In the case of the Irishman, and referring to the last stage of his career, which is the one that ended up consecrating him, he charged a total of 3 million dollars for each fight, of which he used to have between 2 or 3 a year. If we compare him with Javier Hernández, we can see at a glance that they have an identical salary, as long as the boxer fights 2 times every 12 months. In the case of adding a third, it would greatly exceed the amount charged by the footballer.


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