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Romelu Lukaku's mockery of Zlatan Ibrahimovic after Inter's Serie A title

By Fredi Roman

Romelu Lukaku's mockery of Zlatan Ibrahimovic after Inter's Serie A title

The Belgian and the Swede had staged a fight in the Milan classic for the Italian Cup in January

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Inter Milan sealed the Scudetto for the 19th time this Sunday and managed to shout champion after more than a decade. One of his key pieces for this achievement was undoubtedly Romelu Lukaku, the team's top gunner, who after the title went out to tour the streets of Milan in a car, waving the club's flag and greeting the Nerazzurri fans. 

“This is the best year of my career”, the Belgian told Sky Sports Italia: “Im really proud to play for Inter. I am very happy for all the Inter fans around the world. Now is the time to celebrate with the fans. I went out because I wanted to see them on the streets. For many players in the squad, this was their first title. We did well last year too, but we improved a lot this season and we hope to continue in this way. I'm obviously very happy and I want to thank the Inter fans. How great is this!".

This Monday, after the celebration, the former Chelsea, Everton and Manchester United striker posted a message on social media: “The true god has been crowned king! Now bow down". The recipient of that tweet is undoubtedly Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has proclaimed himself monarch of the Italian city for his performances in Milan.

This provocation is born by the crossing that both forwards had in January of this year in a match for the Italian Cup. At that moment it all started with a verbal crossover that did not seem to be relevant, but which was warming up until both forwards came face to face and had to be reprimanded by the referee, who thus wanted to avoid a bigger fight.

However, despite the yellow cards, the footballers continued to shout insults and when the judge whistled the end of the first half, Lukaku immediately went to look for the Swede to continue the discussion that almost extended to the tunnel, if not because several of his companions intervened.

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