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Not only on the court: The insults that Gennaro Gattuso launched against Hirving Lozano

By Alexis Almosnino

Not only on the court: The insults that Gennaro Gattuso launched against Hirving Lozano

The relationship between Gennaro Gattuso and 'Chucky' Lozano has improved over the months, but this does not imply that the player receives constant shouting from his coach.

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The fact that there is no public in the stadiums allows you to hear all the comments of the footballers and their coaches. And one of those who speak and shout the most is Gennaro Gattuso. From Italy they have echoed the screams that Gattuso puts on Hirving Lozano, and how in each game, the Mexican is one of the Naples coach's goals.

The way of being of the coach, towards the Mexican star, brought controversies throughout all of Italy, since it was the subject of debate in the last week on sports television channels. "If I were in the place of 'Chucky', with all the screaming of Gennaro Gattuso I would have had a headache for life, an incredible migraine. I don't know how he does it. If I were Lozano, the doctors would have to prescribe me analg 'Strong seicos', said Italian journalist Antonio Corbo in 'Targato Italia'.

From Italy they are aware that this can take its toll on the relationship between the two: "You don't have to ask the Mexican for the best in each game. It would be a mistake. Don't burn Lozano, please", the aforementioned journalist analyzed.

The truth is that 'Chucky' Lozano has improved over the months at Napoli, and he is doing really very well in Serie A. In fact, he has already scored 12 goals this season, five more than in the entire season. last season. Notwithstanding that, the relationship with his coach could become a trigger for his permanence in southern Italy.


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