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Key hours for Tecatito Corona: How much do Milan and Sevilla offer to sign the Mexican?

The Mexican midfielder could reach the Italian league if his purchase is finalized, although it is not ruled out that he will do so to soccer in Spain.

Jesús Manuel Corona
Jesús Manuel Corona

The signings in international football continue and now the name of the Mexican player who could migrate to Italian football is Jesús Manuel Tecatito Corona. The Porto midfielder could leave his current team to compete for AC Milan as the club would have offered a hefty amount of money for the 28-year-old to join them. Porto would have already received a formal offer for the Aztec player and the amount would exceed USD 10 million, a figure that would be divided between the Porto team and the Twente team, from the Netherlands, since they are the ones who kept the bill of rights of Jesus Corona, as explained by the Italian media Sportmediaset.

This offer estimates about USD 11.7 million. However, despite the strong figure that the whole of the rojinegros would be willing to pay, the Portuguese would not be satisfied and demanded more. In order to transfer the naturalized Portuguese Mexican, the payment should be higher to be able to distribute it with the whole of the Netherlands. Due to the relevance of their player in the midfield area, and his skills that allow him to meet the goal, the blue dragons demanded a figure of 13 million euros, which would be about USD 15.2 million.

While it is true that the possibility of reaching Italy is concrete, the offer from Sevilla is not yet unaffected. In fact, days ago the signing was taken for granted, but it was losing strength in recent days. The operation would close at 12 million euros, but just hours after the repo market closes, there is no specific news that this could come to fruition.

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