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The incredible list of 5 top-level coaches who are currently without a team

A review about the coaches who are actually unemployed and are available for any of the largest projects in Europe.

A review about the coaches who are actually unemployed and are available for any of the largest projects in Europe.

This season is giving a lot to talk about in terms of results. The reality is that there are several teams in the old continent that are disappointing throughout the season, just as there are others that are emerging without even having expected it. For this reason, the months of the evaluations of the top leaders of the clubs are approaching, where the expenditure, management and administration of the staff is taken into account.

Many will be the victims for not knowing how to take advantage of a winning project and some will simply be dismissed for not causing a sensation in the squad. For this reason, great news is expected in a pass market that promises news of all kinds. Many players will leave their clubs, and new faces will emerge in the European elite teams. Now, that will not happen only at the player level, since there are many coaches who will expect the same in their positions.

And their are 5 leaders that know how to win everything, but actually without any club to steer. Them could be in charge of any sports project given their experience and knowledge with major clubs in Europe, so we will have to wait to know what new adventure they will enter. Massimiliano Allegri, Maurizio Sarri, Ernesto Valverde, Frank Lampard and Mark Van Bommel are just a few examples of the aforementioned.

Valverde is not working since his dismissal in January 2020 from FC Barcelona, cause he has not found a new team that meets his needs. Frank Lampard is recently dismissed. He left great feelings of play and defensive solidity with a renewed team, however Abramovic's ambitious project was too big for him and he could not continue at the helm of Chelsea bench.

Massimiliano Allegri, since his resignation in 2019 he has preferred to remain in the shadows. He has been linked several times with teams such as Manchester United, Real Madrid or PSG, but he is still without a team after leaving Juventus. Sarri, for his part, he did not come out precisely through the front door of the Allianz Arena, but his demands make him one of the best Italian coaches of the moment and he is still without a team. And Mark Van Bommel, whose adventure through the major European leagues has yet to begin but his wisdom on the pitch is undeniable given his experience as a footballer.

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