The inexplicable betrayal of Juventus to Massimiliano Allegri that could cost the Italian team dearly

Massimiliano Allegri is allegedly being betrayed by these Juventus players.

Massimiliano Allegri is allegedly being betrayed by these Juventus players.

This new stage of Massimiliano Allegri is not being very good, in fact, it is being one of the worst starts in Serie A in recent years for Juventus Turin. They don't play well and what's worse, they don't get points and they are very low in the leaderboard.

It was known that Allegri was not working at all, but from within the Italian club they conveyed confidence in the coach. After the defeat and the terrible image they gave against the recently promoted Monza, Agnelli may have changed his mind.

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Although it may have been an unfair result, since Di María sent himself off in the 39th minute due to a violent elbow, it is true that the sensations are not the best and the relationship between the coach and the squad is not good. From Italy there is speculation with a betrayal of 'Juve' to the Italian.

What is Juventus´s betrayal to Allegri?

It is said that it is possible that some important players in the squad are not giving their best level in order not to win games and thus fire Massimiliano Allegri. In other words, they would have let themselves lose to Monza so that they have a new coach.

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