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Ronaldinho used to had a fortune of 100 million dollars and now he does this to get more money

The former FC Barcelona star leads a life full of excesses and his fortune is decreasing

Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho's fortune is getting smaller and smaller. Foto: 20Minutos
Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho's fortune is getting smaller and smaller. Foto: 20Minutos

One of the best players in history, Ronaldinho, retired from football and although he is still a star of world football, after his scandal in Peru some doors closed on him, especially with brands that wanted to use his image and paid him millions so he agreed to appear in their commercials.

The global pandemic made the public stay away from the stadiums, and that also meant a loss for teams around the planet, so hiring Ronaldinho for exhibition matches became practically impossible to achieve because the Brazilian still wants to get paid and take home thousands of dollars.

The excesses in Ronaldinho's life made the Brazilian to lose his fortune little by little. For example, it was recently learned that to generate more income he decided to rent his luxurious mansion in Rio de Janeiro, but to maintain his lifestyle full of parties, women and travel, money is just not enough.

Now, as revealed by GloboeSporte in Brazil, Ronaldinho decided to charge for sending greetings to influential people around the world, and in an extra-official way, it was learned that the Brazilian player agrees to attend parties of very influential people for large amounts of money, even small and Private exhibition matches in some parts of the world where only millionaires can be at.

Another income that Ronaldinho has is the sale of posts on his social networks, as revealed by the BBC, the Brazilian star and legend of FC Barcelona charges up to $100,000 to brands to launch posts in their accounts, the bad thing is that this every time is less payment. 

Ronaldinho's fortune

Ronaldinho came to cost 103 million dollars and until his time in Querétaro he had about 97 million dollars, not so much in cash money at the bank, but in properties, which he sold one by one. Now in 2021 he has few left. His last value as a footballer was a million dollars.

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