The best phrases of Diego Maradona throughout his career

The most human of the gods left an important legacy that transcended football, sports and history with epics and aesthetics.

Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona

If we talk about historical figures we have to talk about Diego Armando Maradona: a popular hero who, from inside and outside a soccer field, transmitted much more than any politician, any military man or any intellectual. His legacy will be eternal. It is a myth, a legend that lived as only he could.

Many times he made us forget that he was also a person and not only the savior of a country, of a people. He scored the most beautiful goal in the history of the World Cup and that goal, that game itself, was a message. Words are unnecessary and if there is someone good to honor him, it is Diego Armando Maradona himself.

10. "If I die, I want to be born again and I want to be a footballer. And I want to be Diego Armando Maradona again. I am a player who has given people joy and that is enough for me and I have plenty of it." 

9. "Here the only savior I know is Bilardo, whose name is Carlos Salvador" 

8. "To those who did not believe, to those who did not believe, with the ladies' forgiveness, suck it off"

7. "Messi was happy with me"

6. "If Pelé is Beethoven, I am the Ron Wood, Keith Richards and Bono of football"

5. "Let me live my life, I don't want to be an example of anyone"

4. "They cut off my legs" 

3. "It was with the hand of God"

2. "I have two dreams: the first is to play a World Cup and the second is to win it"

1. "I was wrong and paid, but the ball is not stained"

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