How much cost the Canadian team, Mexico's next rival, worth

Mexico faces tonight, one of the most difficult rivals in the North American territory, such as Canada. How much is the opponent's squad worth?

Canadá National Team
Canadá National Team

Time passes faster and faster and Mexican fans are ready for the start of a new Concacaf Qualifying date heading to Qatar 2022. Tonight, the Mexican National Team will play the fourth round of qualifying against Canada and, beyond Of the history and the records that can be broken or surpassed, one of the great comparisons is the value of each template.

On this occasion, it will be necessary to analyze the squads of the visitors, who have Alphonso Davies as a great figure and who in a matter of hours will seek to achieve their first victory in Mexico.

If you talk about growing football, clearly North America is one of the continents that has made the most progress in recent decades. Although years ago it was rare to see Mexican, American or Canadian soccer players competing in the elite of European soccer.

However, in recent times it has become increasingly common to see these footballers being important pieces of great clubs in the Old Continent. And, when looking at the Canadian National Team, one can find quite interesting names.

Taking into account the last call presented by coach John Herdman, the staff of Maple's sheet has a value, based on data obtained from Transfermarkt, of about 165 million euros, something like 184 million euros. Dollars. Obviously much of this figure of the value of Alphonso Davies, whose pass would cost about 78 million dollars, being the most expensive player in the Canadian National Team.

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