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Sergio Ramos salary at PSG: How much money does he earns after leave Real Madrid?

By Juan Angel Aiesi

Sergio Ramos salary at PSG: How much money does he earns after leave Real Madrid?

Sergio Ramos will become one of PSG's best paid players. While far from the exorbitant figures of Neymar and Mbappe, the centre-back will almost match the likes of Verratti, Marquinhos and Di Maria.

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Paris Saint-Germain confirmed this Thursday 8th July a bombshell that had been rumoured for weeks: Sergio Ramos will wear the shirt of PSG from the 2021/22 season. After long months of hard negotiations, the centre-back was unable to reach an agreement to renew with Real Madrid and PSG appeared on the horizon as the most appealing option on all accounts.



PSG's new number 4 will be looking for titles at the Parc des Princes and, in turn, will have the economic stability he was looking for with a two-year contract. Aside from the length of contract, Sergio Ramos will arrive at the Parc des Princes as one of the leading men in terms of salary. Or at least, this is what specialised portal 'Salary Sport' released on the matter.



That same source filtered the salaries of the French side and, with the ten million per year sum that revealed Sergio Ramos will be earning, the Spaniard will be in the second rung of the club's wage scale.  The defender for Paris Saint-Germain F. C. in France's Ligue 1. Trained in the youth ranks of Sevilla F. C., he made his debut in the First Division with the Sevillian team in 2004.



Naturally, the first places are taken by Neymar and Mbappe, who both take home 52 and 24 million euros respectively per season. Taking this into account, Ramos' ten million locate him alongside players such as Marquinhos, Verratti and Di Maria, who all earn 15 million. He is more or less the same as other such as Keylor Navas (12), Kimpembe (10) and Icardi (10).



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