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Javier Hernández: the great luxuries and fortunes of the LA Galaxy forward

The Mexican is not played as an elite striker but he is living like a king.  

Javier Hernández: the great luxuries and fortunes of the LA Galaxy forward

After one of the worst seasons of his whole career, Chicarito Hernández is going to stay at LA Galaxy. A lot of fans claimed that he should have left, but there was no proper offer. He did not want to return to Mexico, and this is one of the main reasons. He is living like a king, with a lot of money and expensive things around him.

This is one of Chicharito's houses when he was playing for Real Madrid.

The first thing on the list are mansions, he paid a rent of 9 thousand dollars to stay in a huge house when he played for Real Madrid. And that was not the first one. When he was playing for Manchester United, he got a huge house that was valued at $3.7 million dollars, and when they sold it, the buyer was Paul Pogba.

This house has an indoor swimming pool, way to space outside and even a special room to watch movies, like a cinema. Although, he did not spend too much time there, because when he was not traveling to play, he was on holidays. His last trip was in Italy, where he and his family was resting on a luxury yacht.

The holidays of Chicharito and his family on a luxury yacht.

There is only a necessity to mention cars. Chicharito is not an ostentatious, or at least he does not seem to be. But he has a good taste in cars, for sure. The Mexican bought a Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06, an Audi Q7 and a convertible car that is valued on at least 85 thousand dollars. Does a single player really need three cars?

This is one of the three cars that Chicharit has on his garage.

There are not so many Mexicans in the world that can afford such an expensive life. And to all of this, he adds an 8 thousand ring to his wife, all the investment in coaching and training and his investments on his image. Besides, Chicharito makes huge donations to UNICEF and all kinds of charity.

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