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Carlos Vela: salary at LAFC, how much money he earns and how much is his release clause

This is the fortune the Mexican gains in the MLS and how much they should pay to sign him.

The fortune that Carlos Vela gains in the MLS.. The salary of Carlos Vela in the MLS.
The fortune that Carlos Vela gains in the MLS.. The salary of Carlos Vela in the MLS.

Carlos Vela is one of the most emblematic Mexican players from the last decades. The attacker was formed in Chivas and left when he was very young to Europe. There he played for Arsenal, Celta de Vigo, UD Salamanca, CA Osasuna, West Bromwich and Real Sociedad, until he decided to return to his continent.

Los Angeles FC made Real Sociedad an offer of more than $5 millionwith which they signed him. The forward arrived to the league and become the MVP and the top-scorer with an all-time record very rapidly. After 80 matches played, he has scored 62 goals and given 25 assists.

Vela is the fourth best paid player in the MLS, with a salary of $6.3 million yearly. Only Gonzalo Higuaín ($8.2 million), Michael Bradley ($6.5 million) and Jozy Altidore ($6.33 million) gain more than him. Behind the striker we can see other top players, as Javier Hernández, Rodolfo Pizarro or Blaise Matuidi, who earn less than him.

LAFC has signed him a contract for another year, until 2022, because they want to keep him in the club. There is not a release clause for his departure, which means that except for an unusual millionaire offer for a 31 years old player, Vela won’t be leaving during this campaign.

Chivas, the dream

Chivas is the Mexican team in which Carlos Vela was formed and in which they have always wanted his return. He couldn’t even play for the first team in the Liga MX side, as he was very young when Arsenal paid $3 million to sign him. After all these years, Chivas now are thinking that Vela could arrive to retire with his first club during the next season.

Carlos Vela when he played for Chivas.

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