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Ashley Westwood's shocking injury in the Premier League

In the duel of West Ham vs Burnley, a terrible play took place. 

By Wilian Estrella

In the duel of West Ham vs Burnley, a terrible play took place. 
In the duel of West Ham vs Burnley, a terrible play took place. 
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Premier League fans were in for a scare this day as they watched Ashley Westwood's shocking injury in the West Ham vs Burnley clash.

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The match was going on naturally, and there was even a tribute to Carlos Tevez who, along with Javier Mascherano, is very dear to the Hammers. 

This affection is due to the fact that thanks to both players the club was saved from relegation, with a mythical goal scored by the Argentinean against Manchester United, when in the 20th minute everything went wrong.

This is how Ashley Westwood's chilling injury happened

Ashley Westwood, midfielder of the visiting team, crossed the midfield and the Croatian Nikola Vlasic tried to cut him with a tactical foul, but when he blocked him, he knocked him down in a bad way.

But when he saw him lying on the turf, he grabbed his head and began a crying fit that has already gone viral.

Westwood, upon seeing his leg, also panicked and immediately began to call for medical assistance and as soon as his teammates realized the level of damage the player had suffered, they suspended the match.

So brutal was the injury that the players temporarily left the field while Westwood received treatment, before being taken away on a stretcher.

However, Burnley's England player himself tried to lighten the mood as he was seen smiling as he left the field of play, despite the serious injury he had sustained while receiving support and encouragement from his teammates.

What is known about Ashley Westwood's injury?

Although neither the club nor the Premier League has so far reported on Westwood's state of health, rumors in the English press are circulating about a possible compound fracture.

If this were true, the Englishman would be sidelined for several months and it would have to be assessed whether the condition of his leg would allow him to continue playing or whether he would have to reconsider his future. 

How did the West ham vs Burnley match end?

The match in which the terrible injury occurred ended with a 1-1 result, and the first goal of the match, which was Burnley's was dedicated to Westwood, as the score fell in the 33rd minute. 

Burnley's goal came through Wout Weghorst, and the Hammers' equalizer would come through Tomas Soucek, so both clubs split points on matchday 33.

Thus, the Hammers remain in 7th place in the Premier League, while Burnley is still not far from the relegation zone, in 18th place in the competition. 

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