Javier Hernández and Sarah Kohan: Why the broke up? The truth about the LA Galaxy star's relation

The Mexican and the model are no longer a couple

By Mauricio Saenz

The Mexican and the model are no longer a couple
The Mexican and the model are no longer a couple
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Since the end of January, rumors have been made about the separation of Javier Hernandez with Sarah Kohan. And although neither of the two protagonists of this story confirmed the news, it's a reality that the Mexican striker of the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Australian model are no longer a couple. But, what happened so that the young people put an end to their relationship months after the birth of their second child?

The first thought was the appearance of an extramarital affair in one of the two protagonists. The name of Diego Dreyfus, the Mexican's historical personal trainer, came up immediately, since he was romantically related to Sarah. However, this was ruled out since at the time of that rumor, Chicharito himself published a photo of both together with an emotional message of friendship and work together.

Even Dreyfus himself spoke about the issue in a live he made with his followers on social networks and when one told him "you ruined the relationship between Chicharito and Sarah", he responded harshly: "Ah, don't suck... Neta? What a bastard they have those absolute truths that I don't even know! Imagine, don't suck…".

Chicharito was also linked to an influencer and businesswoman, Caitlyn Chase. What's more, in recent days a film appeared in which they are seen together in a shopping center parking lot, although they were not in a romantic situation. Anyway, the rumors that link them romantically are very strong.

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In recent days, Chicharito gave an interview in which he spoke about Sarah. "I also want to say it here, I found a spectacular mother of my children. The mother of my children is spectacular, that I also believe that this helps us a lot so that I can be a better father with who I am, she can also be a mother with what she is ", have been some of the words he has dedicated to her.

"I believe that I am a very good father towards my children, but I also have to say that I could not be a very good father if our children did not have a spectacular mother. My two children are that, constantly growing day by day", has stressed.


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