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Javier Chicharito Hernández criticizes the MLS and shocks the Los Angeles Galaxy

The LA Galaxy forward made controversial statements by saying that MLS is the younger brother of sports in the United States. 

Javier Hernández
Javier Hernández

The LA Galaxy forward made controversial statements by saying that MLS is the younger brother of sports in the United States, however the Mexican player is quite right, as despite the fact that MLS has been founded for 25 years ago, it is still very young compared to Major League Baseball and the NFL, which have more than 80 years of foundation, and have been the top exhibitors of the sport in the United States. 

Even though Javier Hernández has only been in MLS for a very short time, just one season as a LA Galaxy player, he has realized the impressive growth of this league on a sports and commercial level. Obviously, this is not surprising since sports in the United States have a great history, in addition to the great infrastructure of that country.

In interesting interview between Chicharito Hernandez and the famous Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Mendez, they addressed issues such as the number of Latinos in the MLS, which are a fundamental piece for the league in order to become a great league in the future, such as the NFL or the NBA

For Javier Hernandez, the year 2020 was very complicated, as for most people in the world, taking into account the pandemic that broke out. In the particular case of Javier Hernandez, the Mexican player was the victim of constant injuries that left him out of circulation for many games, which caused the striker to never be able to demonstrate the level that he demonstrated for a long time in teams like Manchester United.

The year 2020 was so complicated for Chicharito Hernandez, as injuries kept him off the court for several months and he missed a large part of the regular season, proof of that is that Javier Hernández could only score two goals in the season, a very low number for the production of a player like Chicharito.

Ultimately, the LA Galaxy was left out of the playoffs. What was not to the liking of the Mexican, who has already changed his mentality and for several weeks has begun with his physical and mental preparation to face the 2021 campaign, where individual and collective expectations will be high, as the fans demand the league championship and they will have Javier Hernandez in their sights, since the other Mexicans like Carlos Vela, are making a difference in their teams.

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