Carlos Vela lives a real nightmare at Los Angeles FC

By Mauricio Saenz

Carlos Vela lives a real nightmare at Los Angeles FC

The Mexican forward isn't living his best season in MLS

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No one, absolutely no one doubts the scoring ability of Carlos Vela if it only took him two seasons to settle into Major League Soccer and obtain the record for the most goals in a single season with 34 annotations in 2019, but not everything has been joy for the Mexican in USA soccer.

Since he arrived at Los Angeles FC, Vela has had to live with a "nightmare" that woke him up again in MLS 2021: injuries. After seven dates, the Mexican forward still does not score, he has only given one assist and admitted that he isn't at 100 percent of his level.

The explanation for Vela's underperformance in MLS doesn't require much research because the numbers speak for themselves. With nearly 100 days off, Carlos has missed 25 games with LAFC due to injuries. Here, the details of the "nightmare" that the attacker wants to forget.

Between 2018 and 2019, Vela's first discomfort came in MLS: a problem in the thigh and in the right hamstring took him out for 14 days and he missed two games. Then came the most important injury in Carlos' stay at Los Angeles FC.

An injury to the medial ligament in his left knee kept Carlos Vela off the court for 61 days and 22 games. From then on, the best version of the Mexican striker did not appear again and after a discomfort (tear) in the right thigh at the start of MLS 2021, the attacker's nightmare was revived with a total of 98 days and 27 games absent.

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