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Carlos Vela chose a Chivas player to lead Los Angeles FC

The Mexican didn't hesitate when choosing a new player for his team. 

Carlos Vela
Carlos Vela

The wait is over. Starting this Saturday, April 17, precisely at 5:00 p.m. Central Mexico, Los Angeles FC will make its official presentation in the 2021 season of Major League Soccer in the United States. And our entire country will be alert to the participation of Carlos Vela against Austin FC.

Carlos Vela.

"Every time a season starts I want to do it well. For me, for my club and for the people who follow us. All the support they show us is incredible, we are very grateful for so much love. Every time I enter the field I want to do something good for them to enjoy and be proud of one", were the words of the Bomber during the press conference prior to the debut of this championship.

Logically, because the classification of the Mexico National Team to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was so recent, the 32-year-old footballer could not escape the question about his presence with Jaime Lozano's team. And he was very clear about it: "I don't have much to say, I'm not the one who decides".

Carlos Vela also spoke exclusively with Fox Sports and faced a question as a game: "If I asked you for a player from the Mexican National Team that you would like to have in LAFC, who would you choose?". The attacker did not hesitate and responded by choosing a man from the Chivas de Guadalajara: "He would bring me José Juan Macías".

In the current California squad, the Bomber has compatriots like Pablo SisniegaAntonio Leone, Marco Farfán, Erik Dueñas and Christian Torres. When will another Aztec join Bob Bradley's team?

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