Will Vinicius get angry? Mbappé would be Real Madrid's highest paid player and this is the salary he would earn

Kylian Mbappé will be one of the best paid players in the Real Madrid squad, ahead of Vini.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Vinicius Jr screams with a Real Madrid jersey and Kylian Mbappé looks tired wearing a PSG jersey.
Vinicius Jr screams with a Real Madrid jersey and Kylian Mbappé looks tired wearing a PSG jersey.
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Kylian Mbappé's possible arrival at Real Madrid will make a big financial impact as many reports that he will be one of the most paid players in the squad ahead of star players like Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Jr. Fabrice Hawkins from RMC Sport reports that Mbappé will be the highest paid player in the Real Madrid locker room, just ahead of Vinicius and Bellingham. This seems unfair to Vinicius Jr. since he has been arguably the best player in the team this season, but Mbappé's wages over the years at PSG were noticeably higher than most footballers playing in Europe.

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Mbappé's salary at Real Madrid will be much lower than what he was offered in 2022, but it will still be more than Vinicius Jr. Mbappé earned a yearly base salary of $76.7 million with a bonus of around $63.9 million. He would make around $140.7 million a year at PSG. These wages are worth more than Vinicius Jr. and Jude Bellingham's annual salaries combined.

While the report suggests that Mbappé's salary will be above Vinicius' salary, many could predict what the French star will earn in Spain. According to Capology, Vinicius Jr. earns a yearly salary of around $22.2 million, which is similar to Bellingham's. Mbappé could earn around $23 to $25 million a year with Real Madrid and could potentially overtake the highest earner in the squad, Toni Kroos. Capology reports that Kroos earns the most in the squad, as he has a yearly salary of $25.9 million.

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Real Madrid won't speak about Kylian Mbappé until after the UCL Final

The Mbappé announcement came as a surprise to many, including Real Madrid and PSG. The French star reportedly chose to reveal his departure from the French club yesterday, and the Spanish giants want to focus on the upcoming Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund at Wembley Stadium. The Athletic reports that Real Madrid do not want Kylian Mbappé's transfer "to take the focus away" from the Champions League final and may not even announce the deal until after the match.

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