While Jurgen Klopp leaves Liverpool, Zidane decides about his potential return

Jurgen Klopp announcement causes many rumors which includes Zidane.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Klopp confirms that he is leaving Liverpool while Zidane becomes a target for many teams.
Klopp confirms that he is leaving Liverpool while Zidane becomes a target for many teams.
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Many rumors have sparked out after Jurgen Klopp announced him leaving Liverpool after nine years in charge. After Liverpool, Klopp will take a one-year break from football, and the club will need to find a replacement. Liverpool fans have proposed many candidates to take over the job.

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Klopp broke his silence after the Liverpool video interview of the German manager confirmed his decision. Klopp noted that his decision is the right one for him and hopes the Liverpool fans accept his decision. He explains by saying he has no regrets and won't change his mind even if Liverpool wins all four trophies the team is competing for.

Klopp says, "You realize yourself, you're not a young rabbit anymore, and don't jump as high as you did. It was not that I thought about it on purpose, it just happened, then I started thinking about it and this club, with all the super things we have, this club needs a top manager."

Klopp was asked about his replacement and if he would have a say in who Liverpool brings in to coach next season. Klopp says, "Why should I? In this world, you have a few faces who do an incredible job you don't see too often. It looks like I do all the work, but I can't..... So many people work here with only one idea: to find the best thing for Liverpool. The last thing they need is advice from the old man saying ‘oh take him or whatever’. I wish for the future this club the very, very, very best, but right now, I’m still here."

Some of the few names that are linked to being the next Liverpool coach are Xabi Alonso, Roberto De Zerbi, and Zinedine Zidane. Alonso and De Zerbi commented on Klopp's announcement and wished him the best. They both are also concentrated in their respective clubs and did not comment on the potential Liverpool job.

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Zinedine Zidane has rejected a new managerial job offer after being linked to the Liverpool job

Zidane has been linked to returning to football and becoming a manager again. After leaving Real Madrid in 2021, the French legend had been linked to manage teams like Juventus, Marseille, and Manchester United. With Liverpool needing a manager next season, Zidane was a name circulating online that could fill those shoes. Algeria contacted Zinedine Zidane to be their new coach, but he rejected the offer just like he did with Brazil & the US. L'Equipe reports that Zidane is looking to manage the France national team.

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