(VIDEO) They got revenge for Mbappé and World Cup final, the hard whistles Dibu Martinez received in France

Emiliano Martinez is consistently booed by French fans in the UEFA Conference League.

Emiliano Martinez and Kylian Mbappé pose for a picture after the 2022 World Cup final.

Emiliano Martinez was not received kindly in France, as the LOSC Lille fans heavily booed him while the Argentine's Aston Villa traveled to play them. Aston Villa and Lille are playing in the UEFA Conference League quarterfinals, and the second leg is played in the Decathlon Arena in France. Every time Martinez took a touch of the ball, the boos grew louder and louder in the Lille stadium. This is because of the 2022 World Cup final between Argentina and France, where the South Americans beat the Europeans 4-2 on penalties in a historic match.

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It wasn't a great start for Martinez in the game against Lille since he conceded a goal and received a yellow card for time-wasting. In the first leg, Aston Villa beat Lille 2-1 at Villa Park. In the second leg, it took Lille 15 minutes to draw the game on aggregate by taking the 1-0 lead thanks to a goal by Yusuf Yazici.

Martinez has caused controversy in the Premier League this weekend after "over-celebrating" Aston Villa's 2-0 win over his former club Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. After the full-time whistle, Martinez went to clap the away Aston Villa fans and started to do fist bumps to the crowd. Some Arsenal fans found it sour for the Argentine to celebrate like that against his former club.

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Emiliano Martinez still loves Arsenal despite playing for Aston Villa

Martinez spoke after Villa's 2-0 win over Arsenal and showed support for his former club. Martinez said, "I think it’s 10-11 years here. I still love the club, I’ve still got friends here. When you spend ten years of your life. I came here as a young lad, and I left as a man. I will always love this club, and I always will."

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