(VIDEO) Europe trembles with Endrick's great goal, Real Madrid youngstar signing

Endrick continues to give something to talk about in the Brazilian league!

By William Estrella

(VIDEO) Europe trembles, Endrick's great goal, Real Madrid youngstar signing
(VIDEO) Europe trembles, Endrick's great goal, Real Madrid youngstar signing
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Real Madrid continues to be the best team in the world, or top 2 if we take Manchester City into account. If the signing of Kylian Mbappé is completed, we would be facing one of the best squads in history, in terms of individual quality plus potential and youth. In addition, a young star, Endrick, will also arrive this summer.

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After shining every weekend at Palmeiras in Brazil, Endrick caught the attention of Real Madrid, to such an extent that the meringues paid 40 million euros for him more than a year ago. Endrick will play until he turns 18, that is, he is in his last months with Palmeiras.

Today, Endrick scored a great goal against the legendary Corinthians in the Brazilian league. The Spanish sports media is so attentive to Endrick, that as soon as he scores a goal like that, the video soon goes viral on social media, as was the case today! Endrick's talent at only 17 years old is worthy of attention...

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Endrick proves his maturity despite his age:

"Every child wants to play in Europe. You see great players going to the Champions League and then the World Cup. There is also the Europa League. Whenever I was in front of the computer when I was little I thought about this"

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