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While United solve their problems internally, the scandal City's Walker exposed

The absence of Omar Berrada in the Citizen would have started to be felt

By Mario Perez

In opposite to Garnacho, Manchester City's Kyle Walker exhibited his love affairs on the media.
In opposite to Garnacho, Manchester City's Kyle Walker exhibited his love affairs on the media.
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Manchester City would have surprised the media and the fans through their right back Kyle Walker, who skip all the protocols to expose his personal life in an exclusive interview given to The Sun to confess his love affairs and make making shocking revelations on his private life, opening up on the pain of having losing his family after his infidelities were revealed in the last few weeks and his wife decided to split out with him.

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The player, who revealed to be currently living alone in a rented £3 million property and accepted that, having fathered a second child with model Lauryn Goodman, his marriage would be over, while he also issued an apology to Annie, mum to three of his children and now expecting a fourth.

In this sense, the situation of Manchester City and Kyle Walker would drastically contrast with the one lived by Manchester United and Alejandro Garnacho, who recently was rumored to be splitting out on his girlfriend, the influencer Eva Garcia after shocking controversial messages seen on the couple’s Instagram accounts.

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Manchester United would have set the example this time

The Argentine player, advised by Manchester United according to the English journal Daily Mail, would have preferred to silent the rumors on his personal life and keep a low profile to focus on football, while Walker, totally overwhelmed by the facts affecting his personal life, exposed his problems publicly, which has seriously exposed Manchester City’s image on the media in a horrible way.

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