This is how much Barca will lose if they terminate their contract with Nike

FC Barcelona plans to terminate their contract with Nike.

By Emmanuel Mendez

FC Barcelona will lose money if they plan to not being sponsored by Nike anymore.
FC Barcelona will lose money if they plan to not being sponsored by Nike anymore.
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FC Barcelona plans to part ways with Nike soon after more than 20 years of partnership. The Catalan club wants more money than they are currently offered in their contract with Nike. FC Barcelona was in talks with Puma to replace Nike since the German company was offering more. FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta plans to have his own brand to sponsor the shirts to gain more revenue rather than sharing it with a company.

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Marca reports that the option of Barça creating their own brand of shirts is a high-risk alternative. First of all, at an economic level there would be no renewal bonus or a new agreement and the compensation to Nike would have to be paid. On the other hand, the creation of an entire infrastructure for the manufacture and distribution of all the material does not exist and it should be created from scratch.

Gerard Romero reports "this week will be decisive for the very possible separation of Barça-Nike. The possible idea of ​​the club could be: create together with Hummel your own clothing line for 1-2 years and then sign with Puma.”

Breaking the contract with Nike would mean having to compensate them for a figure between $45m and $55m, depending on the company's profit. For Barça to pay that amount is now impossible. It would have to go to trial and be paid to the conclusion, probably once Laporta's mandate has ended.

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FC Barcelona might have to continue with Nike and negotiate a better deal

Marca reports that the preferred option for Barcelona would be to continue with Nike with a contract improvement. The 2016 agreement was very advantageous for the club by getting the management of the store attached to Camp Nou and others that it has created in different parts of the city and outside it. According to UEFA, Barcelona made the most shirt sales out of any club last year, earning nearly $200 million.

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