The Premier League legend who thinks Haaland plays like a League Two player

Erling Haaland did not impress a Premier League legend and is referred to as a League Two player.

By Emmanuel Mendez

A Premier League legend thinks Haaland is at League Two level.
A Premier League legend thinks Haaland is at League Two level.
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The Premier League witnessed a tight 0-0 game between Manchester City and Arsenal. Manchester City and Arsenal struggled to find clear chances to score in the game, and they let Liverpool take the top spot. Liverpool is at the top of the Premier League table with 67 points, while Arsenal has 65 and Manchester City has 64 points. Many football fans were not impressed with either team as they couldn't create dangerous chances on goal. The game was very tactical from Pep Guardiola and Mikel Arteta's point of view. Not only did the teams receive criticism, but some of the players did as well, which includes Erling Haaland. Many football fans were shocked to hear the comparison a Premier League legend gave about Haaland's performance in terms of the level he showed.

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Pep Guardiola spoke after the game and gave his thoughts on the game. Guardiola said, "We take the point. We tried. We didn't create much, they didn't create much. They defended very compact, we could not regain the balls high pressing because first contact, second contact they were there. They had a lot of quality and physicality. They had one or two chances in transitions when we lost one or two balls. But yes it was a tight game, we were who we are, we missed a little bit in the final third but it is not easy."

Bernardo Silva gave his thoughts after the game and said that the team are no longer favorites for the Premier League title. Silva said, "It's tough to play against Arsenal. When they defend low their wingers went to play as full backs and they added a line of 6. So it's tough to play a side that defend this well and so connected. We are not favourites to win the title anymore. We have to be realistic. A lot can happen but we depend not on ourselves anymore, we depend on Arsenal and Liverpool."

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Roy Keane thinks Erling Haaland plays like a League Two player

Roy Keane is known to make bold statements about players and teams, but he shocked many football fans when he considered Haaland as a League Two player. Keane said, "The levels of his [Haaland] general play is so poor. In terms of front of goal he's best in the world, but his general play is so poor. He's almost like a League Two player."

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