The possible sanction for Cristiano that has him mad in Arabia, more than one game

Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in an incident in which he was sent off and could face a heavy sanction

Cristiano Ronaldo being sent off in the match vs Al-Hilal in the Saudi Arabian Super Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo could be suspended for up to two matches and fined 20,000 riyals ($5,400) after he was sent off in Al-Nassr's match against Al-Hilal in the Saudi Arabian Super Cup. The Portuguese striker assaulted an opponent and the match referee called it "disgraceful behavior," which is punishable by the above specified under the Saudi Federation's disciplinary regulations.

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It has been reported that the Saudi Federation has requested the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo to clarify what happened during the incident that ended with his expulsion, and it is expected that after that, they will announce their decision on the sanction to the Portuguese striker, who is currently the leading scorer of the Saudi Pro League with 29 goals so far this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not been known for being a violent or undisciplined player in his career, as this was just his first sending-off in Arab soccer and the eighth in his long career of more than 1,000 appearances at club level. However, should the Saudi Federation decide to implement a two-match punishment, the Portuguese star would not be able to play the matches against Al-Feiha and Al-Khaleej, and would return until May 1. Moreover, the financial fine of $5,400 would not cause him any pain, as Cristiano earns more than $193 million a year.

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Is Cristiano happy in Arabia?

After this incident and others that have affected Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabian soccer, several reports claim that the Portuguese would not intend to renew his contract in 2025, so he would look for a new destination for what might be the last year of his career, since everything points to the fact that he will retire after the 2026 World Cup. In that sense, there would be the option of migrating to the MLS where it is said that there would even be possibilities of joining Lionel Messi in Inter Miami, or return to Portugal to play with a club of his native country.

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