The millionaire invitation Cristiano received with Al Nassr, while Messi dissapointed them

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-renowned figure and could do what Messi failed to do.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal in an Al-Nassr uniform

Hong Kong Football Association chairman Pui Kwan Kay spoke about the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Nassr visiting China and assured that they would be more than welcome in Hong Kong. "I don't know if Al Nassr will come back to China, but [bringing Ronaldo to Hong Kong] is a good idea because he is one of the most popular players in the world. We also have to think of other teams to invite to the opening of the new stadium, so we need to have big events," he said. In that sense, it is worth remembering that Ronaldo is the person with the most followers on Instagram with more than 628 million followers.

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It is worth remembering that a few weeks ago, Lionel Messi's Inter Miami was on tour in Asia and a friendly match was agreed in Hong Kong, in which it was written in the contract that the Argentine star was going to have minutes. However, a last-minute injury prevented him from playing and that caused the annoyance of thousands of fans who had traveled just to see him play. However, it also caused the company that organized the match to lose millions of dollars.

After a little over a month, the company organizing the event has confirmed that it will reimburse 50% of the ticket price to fans who request it. According to a BBC article, "refunds could cost up to HK$56 million (£5.6 million; $7.1 million)". However, Tatler Asia said those seeking refunds will have to agree to certain conditions, which include not initiating "proceedings before any court of law, tribunal [or] regulatory authority."

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Cristiano Ronaldo would not be happy in Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately for the Hong Kong Football Association's plans, various reports indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo is not very happy in Saudi Arabia at the moment and there is already talk that he could leave in 2025 when his contract expires. His possible destinations could be the MLS or even a return to Portugal with a club from his native country. What is certain is that whatever the Al-Nassr captain's decision is, he will have to charge much less than what he earns now, which according to Salary Sport, is $193.4 million a year.

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