The football player that supposedly paid $1 million bail to set Dani Alves free

Dani Alves has been released from jail as his $1 million bail is paid.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Dani Alves, along with his lawyer Ines Guardiola, walking out of the prison.
Dani Alves, along with his lawyer Ines Guardiola, walking out of the prison.
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After hearing about his bail being $1 million, the Brazilian Dani Alves has been released from jail after being found guilty of rape. He was sentenced to four years of jail time, but the bail gave him an opportunity to be temporarily released. Many rumors suggested that Neymar's father was the one who was willing o helo Dani Alves be released by paying his bail but he quickly denied it after posting a statement on Instagram. It seemed that Dani Alves was going to stay in jail as no one seemed willing to pay the bail, but now, since it's paid, the Brazilian was seen walking out of the prison he was staying in with his lawyer, Ines Guardiola.

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Victor Navarro from COPE reports that Dani Alves will be on provisional release. He is awaiting final judgment with a sentence of 4 years and six months in prison for rape. This morning, the $1 million payment was made. Dani Alves had been in prison since January 2023. This payment was not from Neymar's father after he released a statement a few days ago stating he was not involved.

The statement read, "As everyone knows, at first, I helped Dani Alves without any link with any lawsuit. In this second moment, in a different situation from the previous one, in which the Spanish Courts have already decided for the conviction, they are speculating and trying to associate my name and my son's with a matter that is no longer up to us today. I hope Daniel finds his with his own family all the answers he is looking for. For us, for my family, the matter is over. Period!" A football player reportedly paid for this bail, and it was Alves' former teammate at FC Barcelona.

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Memphis Depay allegedly paid for Dani Alves' $1 million bail

According to a reporter from Qatar with an X page named mfcbqtr, Memphis Depay is the one who reportedly paid $1 million in bail for Dani Alves, leading to his release from prison today. It is not official, but this report considers it to be because of the relationship Dani Alves has with Memphis Depay. The two were supposedly good friends. We will have to wait for official information.

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