The curious declaration Ancelotti gave where he commented what he would do after beating Man City in Champions

Real Madrid's coach makes a funny comment after his team qualifying to the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Carlo Ancelotti complains during the match but he smiles after the game with journalists.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke after the game, and he felt really relieved that his Real Madrid team defeated Manchester City and advanced to the semifinals of the Champions League. When asked how he felt after the game, the Italian coach said, "I will sleep very well tonight, with a beer." It was a funny moment between him and the journalists, but it showed how happy the coach felt about the victory against Man City at the Etihad Stadium.

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The result relieved the Italian coach, saying, "I have not been this nervous since the comeback against Chelsea." [UCL 2022] Ancelotti was praised by one of his star players, Jude Bellingham, in terms of motivating the players. Bellingham said, "You know, as a man, Carlo just fills you with calmness and confidence. Before the game, I caught him yawning and asked him, 'Boss, are you tired?' - he said you need to go and excite me out there; that's the calmness & confidence he brings."

This victory not only means Real Madrid is in the final four once again, but the club has also generated close to $100 million due to the Champions League performances. Real Madrid has made over $80 million, reaching the quarterfinals, but now advancing to the semi-finals, they have $99.3 million secured. The club could earn more than $105 million for winning the Champions League this season.

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The insane record Real Madrid has over the last 14 seasons in the Champions League

Over the last 14 Champions League campaigns, Real Madrid has advanced to 12 competition semi-finals. They have reached their 8th consecutive Champions League semi-finals.

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