He was a key part for Klopp's Liverpool, won the Champions and could arrive to Real Madrid thanks to Bellingham

A key Liverpool player has nice words to say about Jude Bellingham which excites Real Madrid fans.

Jude Bellingham celebrates a goal he scored for Real Madrid.

One of Jurgen Klopp's most important players at Liverpool FC, Trent Alexander-Arnold, spoke highly about his relationship with Real Madrid's Jude Bellingham, and it could hint at a potential move to Los Blancos. In an interview with Gary Neville on The Overlap, Trent was asked about his best friends in football at the moment. The Liverpool right-back said, "Best friend in football? Club wise, [Andy] Robertson. Internationals wise, probably Jude [Bellingham].” This would be a great way to bring Alexander-Arnold to Real Madrid since the Spanish giants are interested in the English defender.

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The rumors in Spain grew about Trent going to Real Madrid a few weeks ago, and it is a position the Spanish club is looking to fill. Alexander Arnold's contract with Liverpool expires in the summer of 2025 and while there is yet no agreement on a new contract extension, Real Madrid would like to arrive with a bid to sign him for a cheap price. It is more likely that Liverpool will offer Trent a new contract before 2025.

Alexander-Arnold earns around $230,000 a week with Liverpool, and he could earn around the number or potentially more. His current wage is slightly more than Dani Carvajal, who earns around $216,000 a week. The versatile English right-back would be the ideal replacement for Carvajal since the club has been looking for younger players in the upcoming transfer window.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold's record with Liverpool

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been at Liverpool for his entire football career, including youth level. Alexander-Arnold has already played 303 games for Liverpool, where he scored 18 goals and has provided 81 assists. He is the second defender with the most assists in Premier League history with 58.

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