Tension at Barca? Xavi to make strong restrictions to avoid leaks for media

Xavi Hernandez might have trust issues members and staff leaking information to media.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Xavi has been having meetings without his staff members and only with his players.
Xavi has been having meetings without his staff members and only with his players.
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FC Barcelona are not in their brightest moments on the pitch and off the pitch. There has been tension for a while due to the poor performances, the economic crisis the club is going through, and possible players leaving this summer. After many reports from media outlets suggesting players' unhappiness at the club, Xavi and Frenkie de Jong shut those reports down by criticizing the media for their stories about them.

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De Jong defended his stance at the club saying, "You’re talking a lot about my contract. It’s a lot of smoke and lies. A narrative has been ‘invented’ that simply isn’t true. I’m very happy at Barça. This is the club of my dreams and I hope to be here for many more years." Xavi spoke after him and pointed out that the media has gone too far with their stories.

Xavi said, "Frenkie de Jong's words towards the media? We don't blame the media for the results, but it is true that sometimes you feel injustice when they say things that are not true." Javi Miguel from Diario AS reports that The last three meetings between Xavi and the Barça dressing room have been with the manager and the players alone. No other members of the coaching staff have been involved, as they suspect that one of them has been leaking sensitive information to the press. Xavi is unhappy with reports on the player's thoughts about games and the situation with the club.

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Xavi is trying to find who in his staff is leaking information to the public

El Chiringuito TV reports that Xavi is very angry about the information leaked from the dressing room to the press and is hunting for the mole. He allegedly summoned all the members of his staff and asked them to put their phones on the table before one of his relatives checked their WhatsApp conversations.

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