As Frenkie De Jong criticizes the media, Xavi reveals his displeasure from media

Frenkie De Jong responds to the rumors of leaving FC Barcelona this summer.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Frenkie De Jong and Xavi discusses about the media's coverage stories about FC Barcelona.
Frenkie De Jong and Xavi discusses about the media's coverage stories about FC Barcelona.
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Frenkie De Jong has been rumored to leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season due to unhappiness at the club or having expensive wages the club could not afford. De Jong is seen as one of the most valuable players in the current squad, and clubs have reportedly been interested in signing him for a fee of around 100 million euros. While reports suggest Barca will look to sell him this summer for this amount to help with their economic crisis, De Jong shuts those rumors down and blames the media for lying.

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In a press conference today in preview to the Napoli game in the Champions League tomorrow, De Jong was asked about his contract talks with Barca and if he was going to stay at the club this summer. De Jong seemed annoyed about the repetitive questions and said, "You’re talking a lot about my contract. It’s a lot of smoke and lies. A narrative has been ‘invented’ that simply isn’t true. I’m very happy at Barça. This is the club of my dreams and I hope to be here for many more years."

When asked again about his departure from Barca this summer by a Mundo Deportivo reporter, De Jong said, "Leaving in the summer? The reality is that I’m a bit angry with all these fake rumors. Some of these journalists know no shame. Mundo Deportivo, you write a lot of lies. Why do you do that? Why do you invent things?" De Jong also denies how much he earns at Barca, saying, "I don’t earn €40M per year. It’s far from the actual figures. It’s simply not true."

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Xavi defends Frenkie De Jong for his words about the media and reveals feeling injustice from their reports

Xavi spoke after De Jong's press conference and discussed the effect the media has on them. Xavi said, "Frenkie de Jong's words towards the media? We don't blame the media for the results, but it is true that sometimes you feel injustice when they say things that are not true. In this sense, the footballers take it out on themselves. But we have to play better, compete better. We understand that, but there are other things that are unfair."

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