Tebas tells Barcelona how many players they need to sell to be financially good

La Liga president Javier Tebas tell Barcelona what they need to do to be in better financially.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Javier Tebas gives FC Barcelona advice on how to be in a better financial state.
Javier Tebas gives FC Barcelona advice on how to be in a better financial state.
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FC Barcelona's financial crisis is no secret to the football world, and the club has been struggling to generate funds to pay off its debts. The Catalan club will try to be as competitive as possible with the other big European clubs that are not struggling financially. Barcelona is dependent on winning trophies and succeeding on the pitch to generate income for the club, but with results not being the best, the club looks for many ways other than selling their key players to bring funds. La Liga president Javier Tebas publicly talked about what Barcelona needs to do in order to be financially stable.

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Javier Tebas is known to comment publicly on Barcelona and Real Madrid's financial state. Tebas recently spoke about the potential Real Madrid signing Kylian Mbappé. Tebas affirmed that Real Madrid is able to pull off a signing of that magnitude due to their great financial records. Tebas has not given Barcelona fans the same news and urges the club to make some sales in order to be in a better state economically.

In a recent interview, Tebas said, "If Barcelona sells two high-level players, which they have, they can generate income that does not generate interest or debt and improve their situation. Despite the financial situation, Barcelona is still in the Champions League, and they still have a chance to win La Liga. They are not in a catastrophe.

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Javier Tebas' presidency could end in 2027 as he believes it will be his last term

Tebas was re-elected as the President of La Liga last year, and this current term will end in 2027. Tebas doesn't think he will be re-elected again. Tebas said, "I think it will be my last term as President of La Liga, although I condition it to the challenges. The challenges of the Super League, new competitions. We have to overcome this. European football is in danger. If we can solve these challenges, It will be my last term, and in four years, I will leave."

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