Real Madrid player gives bold statement about FC Barcelona financially

A current Real Madrid player claims the reason Barca excels due to financial reasons.

By Emmanuel Mendez

A Real Madrid player defends his club against a statement that regards FC Barcelona.
A Real Madrid player defends his club against a statement that regards FC Barcelona.
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Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have a big rivalry and are arguably the biggest football rivals of all time. Both clubs are often compared regardless of whether both are great or both are bad. Currently, Real Madrid seems to be in a better spot since the club has made big signings like Jude Bellingham and is set to sign Kylian Mbappé soon. FC Barcelona is the complete opposite, as they are in a financial crisis and cannot sign world-class players. Barcelona has become dependent on the youth players from La Masia. Football fans argue that Real Madrid's academy isn't close to FC Barcelona's academy, but this Real Madrid player argues why that's the case.

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In an interview with COPE, Dani Carvajal spoke about FC Barcelona, and before he made his bold statement, Carvajal took the time to show respect to Barcelona midfielder Pedri. Carvajal said, "I want to send a big hug to Pedri. He is a wonderful boy. I want him to be calm and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was also in a moment where I entered into successive injuries. Pedri is still very young and has a lot of years remaining. He will help us. He's a true professional, and I hope he'll be with us at the EURO."

When asked if Barcelona uses more youth players than Real Madrid, Carvajal said, "Barca use more academy players than Madrid? I think the real difference is the financial situation of each club. When you're not doing well financially, you have to use the academy. And when you're Madrid, and you can sign Jude Bellingham, you sign him."

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Dani Carvajal spoke about Mbappé potentially joining Real Madrid

In the interview with COPE, Carvajal was asked how Mbappé's potential arrival could affect the team. Carvajal said, "The arrival of Mbappé doesn’t generate jealousy, the people who have been at a club the longest are the ones in charge of making sure that in the locker room everyone is going in the same direction. When one goes off the rails, a little bit, grab him by the ear.”

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