Pep Guardiola silences doubts and confirms Haaland current situation at Man City

Guardiola has had enough of the noise around Haaland situation at Manchester City.

By Juan Macías

Erling Haaland and Pep Guardiola
Erling Haaland and Pep Guardiola
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The spanish manager is aware that there is a lot of interest to define the future of Haaland, but now he has some words for the noise around him now.

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Manchester City manager is aware that with the return from the last injury from Haaland there is now a lot of especulation about the future of the striker that seems to be looking to make a move to the Real Madrid team, but now he has decided to make sure that the media and the fans have the right version of the current situation of the striker on the team.

"Of course you have to ignore it. I know the reality in this world. It doesn’t bother me at all so as much as the players are focused on what they have to do the rest is not important." Guardiola started and this shows the situation of the striker with the team and how they have been able to work in order to define the future of the striker now.

Guardiola added, "It’s normal that Real Madrid wants the best players, and Barcelona, or in Italy, or PSG, it’s normal. It’s an honour. United want the best players, and Liverpool, and Arsenal." and this shows that the manager is aware of the interest on the player but believes he is ready to focus in the next part of the season.

"We want him (to stay) for a long, long time in this club. We are in love with him. We want him but it’s going to happen when Erling decides to extend the contract or not, when the club decides to extend the contract or not, when we have potential offers for him or not." Guardiola ended on the future of the player and how this could change this months.

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Haaland situation

One of the main concern when it comes to the Haaland situation is that the tension between the manager and the striker might be one of the main reasons why he would be looking to leave the team in the next part of the season for the striker.

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