Pep Guardiola defends Xavi, reveals main differences between Barca and Man City

Pep Guardiola talks about the challenges of the FC Barcelona managerial job.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Pep Guardiola talks about the FC Barcelona job and defends Xavi.
Pep Guardiola talks about the FC Barcelona job and defends Xavi.
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Xavi Hernandez was asked about his decision to leave Barcelona on the 30th of June. Xavi does not regret the decision and says he will not change his mind. The Spanish manager is focused on helping Barcelona challenge for the La Liga title and wants to perform well in the Champions League.

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Xavi discussed how tough the Barca job was on him, revealing it as one of the main reasons he is leaving the club this summer. Xavi said, "Being the Barça manager is the most difficult job. Sometimes, I feel like no matter what you do, people still don't appreciate your work."

Xavi goes on about how other managers in the future will experience the same thing. Xavi says, "A piece of advice for the next manager to not go through the same as me and the last managers? There's none. No matter what he'll do, the same will happen. "Is it the club, press, or fans? I think it's in general. I don't think it's (our work) been valued enough. That generates a wear and tear that you think that, you do what you do, it is not valued. We have endured the pressure, and we have arrived at one of the most difficult moments of the club, and I prefer not to continue."

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Pep Guardiola defends Xavi about the FC Barcelona job and compares the difference with Manchester City

Pep Guardiola talks about how tough the job as the manager of FC Barcelona is and feels bad for Xavi but understands his decision. Guardiola says, "We cannot compare the pressure in England to Spain. It is 1,000 times tougher there. Six press conferences a week, a lot of games. The pressure you feel in Barcelona is not comparable to any other club. I sympathize with Xavi completely. Here [Man City], I have everything a coach dreams of. The board has always supported me, the players, a good atmosphere…"

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