No more fighting! Real Madrid looks to make peace with Barca for financial power

Real Madrid wants to stop attacking Barcelona and team up to become the two most powerful clubs in Europe.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Real Madrid hopes to make amends with FC Barcelona for financial purposes.
Real Madrid hopes to make amends with FC Barcelona for financial purposes.
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In recent weeks, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have been going at it for quite some time. It is understandable since both clubs dislike each other, and there's a huge rivalry between the pair. Real Madrid defeated Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup final, and the two clubs have not been friendly after that.

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There was tension between the two clubs after Real Madrid's 4-1 win to Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup final in Saudi Arabia. Vinicius got into a fight with Ferran Torres, and the Brazilian made fun of the Barca team for conceding four. Vinicius scored a hat trick in the first half of the game and caused Ronald Araujo to be sent off. Torres, on the bench, was caught saying he wanted to hurt the Brazilian.

Vinicius spoke about his multiple fights with Barcelona and said he gets provoked to react as he does. Last weekend, Vinicius made headlines once again when he scored a shoulder goal with an arm movement that could've disallowed the goal. The Real Madrid 3-2 victory over Almería caused lots of controversy, and many people in La Liga believed it to be corruption. Almeria players were furious and also felt the game to be a robbery.

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta called the Real Madrid-Almeria game a shame and wanted to file a complaint about it to the La Liga federation. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti responded to Laporta's comments, saying Barcelona has been talking a lot about the situation and insinuating that Barca has been accused of cheating for the past 20 years in La Liga.

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Real Madrid and Florentino Perez want no more issues with FC Barcelona and want them to strengthen to go further with the Super League

According to Relevo, Real Madrid no longer views Barcelona as a market competitor to buy players. On a sporting level, their view has also changed. At Real Madrid, they say: “Leave them alone, they have enough [problems].” Madrid does not want to add more problems to Barcelona. Barça is Real Madrid’s main ally to carry out The Super League & they believe that Barça should be strengthened so that they can fight together for the project.

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