Carlo Ancelotti defends Real Madrid and fires back at Barca president Laporta

After many accusations from FC Barcelona members this past week, Ancelotti responds back.

Ancelotti says a few words about Laporta's comments on Real Madrid.

Real Madrid have been in the talking point in Spain this past over their recent game against Almería. Real Madrid defeated Almería 3-2 in a crazy comeback at the Santiago Bernabeu. The referees awarded Madrid a few favorable decisions that many thought were suspicious and corrupt.

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Real Madrid was awarded a penalty that many question was an intentional handball from an Almeria player. Jude Bellingham took the penalty and scored to make it 2-1 and get Madrid closer to an equalizer. A third Almeria goal was disallowed due to a foul on Bellingham during the play. Vinicius scored the equalizer with his shoulder but used his arm to purposely send the ball toward the net. Madrid would complete the comeback with a late Carvajal goal.

Although Madrid won the game, Carlo Ancelotti was not impressed by his team's performance and considered the team to play two unimpressive performances. The two games he talks about include the 4-2 loss to Atletico Madrid in last week's Copa del Rey Round of 16 match.

Ancelotti said, "We are motivated to return to our best level after two bad games. We have prepared to face Las Palmas, and we are looking forward to playing the match in the best possible way." He was also asked about Laporta's comments on Real Madrid. Laporta called the Madrid-Almeria game a shame and said that Madrid had allegedly gained points this season because of referees.

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Carlo Ancelotti responds to Laporta and FC Barcelona's criticism of Real Madrid's game against Almeria

Ancelotti took the time to respond to Laporta and Barcelona after being accused of cheating this season with Real Madrid, especially after the Almeria game. Ancelotti says, "Joan Laporta? They have talked a lot this week. We don't have to deflect the topic, everyone knows what has happened in the last 20 years in Spanish football, that is the problem. Spanish football has had a problem.

"Now the anti-corruption prosecutor's office & the Civil Guard are doing the investigation and now we have to wait. You don't have to divert the topic.”

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