FC Barcelona President Laporta slams Real Madrid with more accusations

Joan Laporta doesn't hold back and makes more comments on Real Madrid's game v Almeria.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Laporta looks to take down Real Madrid after their controversial win this past weekend.
Laporta looks to take down Real Madrid after their controversial win this past weekend.
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Real Madrid have been accused of cheating after their controversial 3-2 win against Almeria over the weekend. Madrid were losing 2-0 at halftime to the bottom of the table. The result would have been embarrassing for Real Madrid if they had lost, but some believe they should be embarrassed for how they won.

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Almeria didn't win a single game in La Liga this season, and they continue to do so after the weekend. They started well by scoring a goal in the first minute and then late in the first half. The crowd in the Santiago Bernabeu was very angry and booed the team off the field at halftime. Real Madrid needs a big second half to turn things around, and they will get it.

Many were annoyed at Almeria's disallowed goal, which made it 3-1 in front of the visiting team in the second half. Sergio Arriabs's goal was disallowed for a foul on Bellingham during the counter of Almeria. The infamous Vinicius goal was discussed the most, and many thought the goal should've been disallowed for how the Brazilian moved his arm to score.

After the game, FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta called the game a disgrace. He implied that cheating was involved in the game and that the situation was unfortunate. Xavi also implied cheating and favoritism for Real Madrid in the league but wanted to cause no problems with Real Madrid. Real Madrid TV came back at Xavi for his comments, saying he played for 20 years in a club that paid referees. Laporta couldn't hold back more comments and went directly at Real Madrid.

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Laporta speaks more on Real Madrid and says the league has always favored them in the league

Laporta had more comments published today on Real Madrid and their alleged favoritism in the league. Laporta says, "Our opponent (Real Madrid) obtained a series of points thanks to the refereeing. It’s not just about this Sunday. We’ve been analyzing this issue for a long time. We are used to this. Our rival has benefited from refereeing. This time, things were very clear, and that's why we filed an official complaint with the federation."

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