Xavi responds to Real Madrid TV comments on FC Barcelona paying referees

Real Madrid TV were furious to hear Xavi's confusion on referee decisions for Real Madrid games

By Emmanuel Mendez

Xavi's reaction to the Real Madrid v Almeria game caused RMTV to comment of Barca's alleged bribery to referees.
Xavi's reaction to the Real Madrid v Almeria game caused RMTV to comment of Barca's alleged bribery to referees.
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The Real Madrid vs. Almeria game was one of the most controversial games this season. Real Madrid defeated Almeria 3-2 in a crazy comeback at the Santiago Bernabeu. Almeria were beating Madrid 2-0 at halftime, and the second half included a mess of decisions made by the referee and the VAR.

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Real Madrid was controversially given a penalty in the second half when a handball was claimed to hit an Amería player. It was considered difficult to judge if it was a deliberate handball, but the referee gave the penalty anyway. Jude Bellingham scored it to make it 2-1. Almeria would score a third goal after the penalty but was disallowed for a foul on Bellingham. One of the Almeria players slightly touched Bellingham's face as he passed the ball to start the Almeria counterattack.

The most considerable controversy happened in the 67th minute when Vinicius Jr scored the equalizer for Real Madrid. In the replays, the ball hits Vinicius' shoulder, but the player moves his arm to hit the ball toward the net purposely. Many were certain that the goal would be disallowed because of that movement, but the referee shocked everyone when he did award the goal to Real Madrid. Madrid would complete the comeback with a late goal by Dani Carvajal.

Xavi had some words to say about the controversial game and didn't understand the decisions of the referees. Xavi says, “Referring in Real Madrid’s match? If we talk, we’re sanctioned, but everyone has seen it. I already said in Getafe that there were things that I don’t understand. There are things that we don't control and everyone has seen it."

Real Madrid TV responded back to Xavi and said, "It’s curious he finds strange things in La Liga but it’s normal that for 20 years his club has been paying the VP of the referees 8 million. For 20 years, 600 games of Mr. Xavi Hernández's career at Barcelona, with all titles are under suspicion. We are NOT saying it, the judge, the prosecutor's office, the Civil Guard say it."

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Xavi responds to RMTV by apologizing for suggesting anything offensive to Real Madrid

Xavi spoke to the press ahead of FC Barcelona's game vs Athletic Bilbao and was asked about his reaction to RMTV's comments on him and Barcelona. Xavi did not want to offend Real Madrid and apologized for ever offending them. Xavi says," RMTV criticizing me? I have always respected Real Madrid. And if I haven't, I have asked for forgiveness. I am not into war. I respect videos, memes. I take it with humor."

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