Neymar takes over the NBA as he watched a game and met some big NBA stars

Neymar, along with his son, goes to watch an NBA game and is greeted by NBA stars.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Nyemar takes a picture with Gui Santos and Jimmy Butler.
Nyemar takes a picture with Gui Santos and Jimmy Butler.
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Neymar may not enjoy being out of the pitch for so long due to the ACL injury he suffered in October, but he has spent lots of time with his family and friends. The Brazilian has gone on vacation and parties, but he has also visited the United States to watch some NBA games. Neymar has built a relationship with some of the biggest NBA stars. Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler has hung out with the Brazilian on a couple of occasions but now he was seen with him and his son at the Miami Open to watch Carlos Alcaraz play. After watching the tennis match, Neymar stayed in Miami to watch a great NBA game between the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat.

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The Golden State Warriors defeated the Miami Heat 113-92 at the Kaseya Center. Neymar was sitting courtside with his son, and some of the biggest stars from the Golden State Warriors approached. In a video posted by the Golden State Warrior's X account, Klay Thompson, Gui Santos, Gary Payton II, and Draymond Green said hello to the Brazilian. Klay Thompson even said, "We respect his greatness" when he talked about Neymar.

Neymar took a picture with Gui Santos after the game, and the Brazilian basketball player signed a shirt for Neymar. Neymar posted the pictures and moment on his Instagram, and Santos also posted a picture of him meeting Neymar a couple of days before the game yesterday. It seems that many NBA stars are aware of Neymar's greatness and are big fans of his, while Neymar also enjoys watching the NBA.

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Jimmy Butler praises Neymar Jr.

In an interview with the Guardian, Jimmy Butler spoke about his close friendship with Neymar. Butler said, "I'll go support, he knows this. I'll fly anywhere to go watch my brother play. But whenever I do get there, we're always just kicking it, talking about life, FaceTiming each other's kids. It's a real family vibe around him."

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