NBA player tells Mbappé not join Real Madrid and to play in England instead

Mbappé is rumored to go to Real Madrid this summer but an NBA player tweets at him to join another team.

Kylian Mbappé is recommended by an NBA player to play in England instead of Real Madrid.
Kylian Mbappé is recommended by an NBA player to play in England instead of Real Madrid.

The news of Kylian Mbappé reportedly leaving PSG this summer has blown up on social media in the past few days. Mbappé is one of the most recognizable footballers on the planet and is arguably the best footballer in the world right now. While Mbappé chooses where to go this summer, an NBA player messages him on social media to consider playing in England.

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Mbappé is rumored to finally join Real Madrid this summer and play alongside Vincius Jr., Jude Bellingham, and Rodrygo. Real Madrid fans are excited despite Mbappé not yet publicly confirming leaving PSG this summer. Mbappé reportedly told the club about his decision and also told his teammates during a training session yesterday. As the news broke out to the football world, an NBA player couldn't help but respond to the rumors of Mbappé leaving PSG this summer and being available for free for any club in the summer.

This player is New Orleans Pelicans player Larry Nance Jr. Nance Jr went on X to write, " All Leeds, aren’t we?" tagging Mbappé with a laughing emoji. This refers to Mbappé joining Leeds United, the team currently playing in the Championship. Nance Jr. is part of the ownership group that has taken over Leeds United in June 2023. Nance Jr. follows Leeds United games as his posts on X when the Championship team wins games. Nance Jr. jokingly took his shot to convince Mbappé to join Leeds United this summer, but the French star will most likely play for Real Madrid next season ahead of any club.

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French NBA player Victor Wembanyama reacts to Mbappé leaving PSG

Another NBA player reacted to the news of Mbappé leaving PSG this summer. San Antonio Spurs player Victor Wembanyama is also French like Mbappé and has spent time with the PSG player. Wembanyama speaks about Mbappé leaving, saying, "I think it would be hard to keep him back any longer. In any case, I wish him all the success in the world, to win as many Champions Leagues trophies as possible.”

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