Messi causes a stir in Hong Kong and Inter Miami would be forced to solve it

Inter Miami visit to Hong King was not what the team expected.

By Juan Macías

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi
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The Inter Miami team is looking to take advantage of the fact that Messi is with them for the season, but they might have some problems to solve right now.

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Lionel Messi visit to Hong Kong was supposed to be a really good chance for the Inter Miami start to see the fans that wanted to see him play against the best line up from their league, but the fact is that it ended up being the exact same opposite situation and this could affect the future of the player and for the team as well this next few days.

Now it has been confirmed that the Hong Kong goverment has also let know their official statement with the situation, now that in the stadium there were 40,000 fans that were looking to see Messi that stayed on the bench for the whole match and had the fans asking for the refund at the end of the game to show that they were not happy with that situation as well.

In fact it has also been confirmed that now the goverment of Hong Kong is asking either for a refund or for the Inter Miami to offer themselves to go ahead and play another game were the fans would actually be able to see the argentinian player on the pitch and this could be decided in the next few days.

There is still some concern that the main reason was that Lionel Messi was injured, but the fact is that the fans were looking to see him and in fact David Beckham and the Inter Miami team were pointed out as the fans that did paid to see them play were told that Messi was going to play on the pitch for at least some of the minutes as well.

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Lionel Messi situation

The tour from the Inter Miami team has caused a lot of impact on Messi, and the fact is that now they might be ready to make sure that they have the right posture when it comes to decide the next move to avoid this situations now.

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