Mbappe is not number one, he is no longer the most valuable player in the world

Mbappe loses his spot as the most valuable player to this phenom striker

By Michail-Angelos Grigoropoulos

This young forward is worth 180 million Euros
This young forward is worth 180 million Euros
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Football has a lot of talented players out there. The defenders are better than ever, midfield young talent is through the roof with the likes of Pedri, Gavi and Jude. But when you look at the forward position there are some absolute game changers which means football is in good hands. A lot of talk recently about the game has declined as you scroll through Twitter and see all the old football complilations.

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It is true that the end of the Messi and CR7 era has arrived as the two legends are nearing the end of their careers. You also have Neymar whose injury issues continue to get worse and worse. This means that is time for the new age of attackers to step up. You already have one player who’s started to involve himself in the legendary names and that is Kylian Mbappe. The Frenchman has already built a CV any forward would be jealous of and after having one of the best World Cup performances ever his legend has risen more than ever.

You then have Erling Haaland who can prove to be a goalscorer the likes of football have never seen. The forward has started breaking records no one thought possible, and the forward has eyes set on records reached only by Messi and Ronaldo. The UCL goalscoring record is one and Haaland is certainly on pace to break it at this rate.

The other forwards that people should enjoy are the likes of Vinicius who is an inspiration that achieving dreams is possible and to never give up. The remontada that he has accomplished at Real Madrid is nothing short of remarkable. You also have the likes of Rodrygo who has everything in the locker to be successful and has proven he can step up.

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This player is the most valuable winger in the Premier League

Kylian Mbappe is no longer the most valuable player in the world and has lost that title to Erling Haaland as the both are worth 150 million Euros, but the striker is younger.

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