Lionel Messi's former teammate is happy he won World Cup over his own country

Messi's former teammate at FC Barcelona was happy to see him win the World Cup in 2022 with Argentina.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Ex Messi teammate expresses his joy seeing Messi winning the World Cup in 2022.
Ex Messi teammate expresses his joy seeing Messi winning the World Cup in 2022.
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The 2022 FIFA World Cup will live on as one of the most memorable in history. Many Argentina fans have witnessed their nation lift the World Cup trophy since 1986. The moment was more special for many football fans because Lionel Messi finally got to lift the trophy he had been chasing for years after winning almost everything at the club level. A former teammate of Messi expressed his joy at watching Messi win the World Cup in 2022.

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Gerard Pique spoke recently about Messi's epic World Cup win in 2022 with Argentina. Pique said that not only Spanish fans supported Argentina and Messi in the World Cup but also many other football fans. Pique said, "Not only in Spain but also football fans because everyone wanted Messi to win the World Cup that he deserved. All those who doubted that Messi was the best player in history because he missed the World Cup; I think those doubts no longer make sense."

Pique also believes he won the World Cup at the perfect time. Pique said, " Leo's presence for several years with Argentina, where most of the country supported him, but a small part of it doubted him and compared him to Diego [Maradona], made him reach the last World Cup with enough maturity to be the team's captain. Messi won the World Cup at the perfect time to appreciate it for what it is and because of all the suffering he went through throughout these years to lift the title."

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Pique talks about Messi's impact on Inter Miami and the United States

Pique is happy to see Messi enjoying his new life in Miami and in the MLS. Pique said, "I see Messi happy and in good condition and contributing to increasing the popularity of football in America."

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