Lionel Messi dribbled over player on the floor, the message he leaves for Messi

Messi created a funny moment when he dribbled over a player who was hurt.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi created an incredible moment in the MLS opener when dribbled over a player on the ground.
Lionel Messi created an incredible moment in the MLS opener when dribbled over a player on the ground.
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The MLS opener started two days ago when Lionel Messi and Inter Miami won their first game of the season. Inter Miami defeated Real Salt Lake 2-0 at the Chase Stadium. Inter Miami is currently first in the Eastern Conference, with the rest of the league yet to play their first game of the 2024 MLS season. The MLS Season for the rest of the teams starts tomorrow, and Inter Miami will play again on Sunday against LA Galaxy.

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Messi did not score, but he did get an assist in the 39th minute when Robert Taylor scored the opener for Inter Miami. Luis Suarez also got an assist in the game in the 83rd minute when Diego Gomez scored the second. While Inter Miami celebrated the win in the MLS opener, most fans were talking about a moment Messi did in the first half. Messi always talked about when it comes to Inter Miami, but his dribble against Real Salt Lake was very popular online.

In the 43rd minute of the game, Real Salt Lake defender Andrew Brody was down on the field injured. He was holding onto his leg, but the play was not stopped, and Messi did not stop. The Real Salt Lake keeper was off his line and accidentally gave the ball to Messi. Messi cut inside to his left and started dribbling closer to the box and approaching the injured Brody. Messi is focused on dribbling past any Real Salt Lake player in his way, and as he sees Brody on the ground, he chips the ball over him and attempts a shot on goal, but his shot is blocked.

Seeing how he chipped the ball over the defender was a funny moment for many football fans. Brody finally responds to what Messi did to him on Instagram. He reposted a picture of the moment of Messi chipping the ball over him and jokingly replied, "For those asking, yes, I was the cone on the ground there.”

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