Lionel Messi's anger reaction to seeing that Al Hilal is crushing Inter Miami

Neither the fans nor Lionel Messi can believe how badly Inter Miami is playing!

By William Estrella

Lionel Messi's reaction
Lionel Messi's reaction
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When the match was just beginning, Aleksander Mitrovic scored the first goal for Al Hilal, after a great pass, received only against Calendar and did not miss with a cross shot with his left foot. When Inter Miami was barely settling after the blow, Al Hilal made it 2-0 at the hands of Abdullah Al-Hamdan.

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Luis Suarez, who has not started well in his three games with Inter Miami, had a very clear chance after a pass from Jordi Alba, but the Uruguayan striker sent it to the side of the post. Furthermore, Sergio Busquets also had it very clear that it was 2-1, but he sent it over the goal.

Lionel Andres Messi is not a person who is used to losing, since neither with FC Barcelona nor with Paris Saint Germain did it happen often. Here with Inter Miami it is becoming a constant, and Lionel Messi's face of disgust was more than notable, in fact, the image is already going viral on social media.

Lionel Andres Messi 

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Luis Suarez's first goal!

The Uruguayan striker scored his first goal with the Inter Miami shirt, after two friendly matches without being able to score. The goal had been disallowed for offside, but the VAR verified that the goal was legal. Thus, Inter Miami is 2-1 at halftime.

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