Days before the last dance, the praise for Messi and Cristiano does not stop

Both legends will probably face each other for the last time in their careers.

Both legends will probably face each other for the last time in their careers.

There is very little left until the long-awaited duel between Inter Miami and Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia, which could mean the last duel between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in their legendary careers. Being an almost epic event, it could not escape the opinion of the soccer world, including one of the most outstanding goalkeepers in the MLS.

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This is Drake Callender, the Argentine's teammate in the flamingos team, who became a very important part of the team that won the 2023 Leagues Cup with his saves, and on this occasion he did not hesitate to speak wonders of both his captain, as his Portuguese nemesis.

“Playing alongside Messi is a great feeling. I followed him when I was young and I didn't expect to play alongside him, so I am very happy and grateful," said Callender, who in a press conference prior to the club's trip to Arab lands, did not hide his happiness at playing with one of the references his childhood.

Regarding having Cristiano Ronaldo in front of him, the goalkeeper considered that his presence has propelled Arab football to new heights, since he has managed to attract several references: "The Saudi Pro League includes many distinguished players, led by Cristiano Ronaldo."

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Way to go

Regarding his tour of matches prior to the 2024 MLS season, Callender is aware of the hard work involved not only in moving, but also in the uncertainty of facing various styles: “The most important thing is that we are convinced of what we are working on.” as a team. We play away from home and we know that they have very good players. So it will be a challenge.” Finally, he talked about his work in goal and how it has taken him to unsuspected heights in such a short time: “A little over a year ago he was the second goalkeeper on the team. And now everything has changed. I have won the title and I have also been called up to the national team. I hope to continue growing in my career.”

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